Hey there

Thanks so much for visiting this page to learn a little more about how I am managing EAST FOUR's impact on our beautiful planet.

Being eco-conscious

Over the last few years, our awareness of our impact on the planet and it's resources has increased considerably, and as a small business owner and a mother it is something I am mindful of in both my home and work life.

I am wary of committing to buzzwords like 'sustainable' and 'eco-friendly' when there is so much misunderstanding about what these phrases truly mean. Instead, I'd like you to think of me and my business as eco-conscious. I am aware of many issues that we face, am always striving to learn more and always working to improve what I do and make better choices.


I have worked hard to create products using low-impact materials, most of which are recycled and/or recyclable, as well as minimising packaging, avoiding unnecessary plastics and reusing supplier packaging for shipping wherever I can (so your order may arrive in an ugly box, but at least that's one less box made and wasted). 

I choose to create products that promote happiness, creativity and joy as well as supporting well-being and self care. My products, in almost all cases are handmade by me, to order, meaning no wasted stock or time. I use local suppliers wherever possible to minimise the impact of shipping.

I am not perfect, but always learning, developing and improving. I would love to hear from you with any suggestions for improvements I could make in terms of the sustainability and environmental impact of my products and/or brand - just drop me a message here.