An exclusive collaboration by 3 local brands - EAST FOUR, Herbert Designs London, and Borrowed Light Florals. 


Why hunt around for the perfect hanger, pot and plant to decorate your home, when you can buy all three together and save over 10% on the usual prices?


Available in 2 modern colourways, the popcorn-knot mini macrame hanger has been developed with an unusual 6 string shape to perfectly compliment the Hexagon concrete pot by Herbert Designs.⁠

And to complete the set, Borrowed Light Florals have carefully selected the most amazing trailer - 'String of Hearts' - a beautiful, delicate and easy-to-care-for plant that will thrive in it's new hanging home. ⁠


Here are the details:


Popcorn-knot mini macrame plant hanger (made using 100% recycled cotton yarn - hanging length approx 65cm)

Hand cast and sealed Hexagon concrete pot (8.4x9.6x8.4cm)

'String of Hearts' (Ceropegia wooddii) trailing plant (approx 20cm long)

Popcorn-Knot Hanging Plant Bundle

  • Orders for this bundle are "Made to Order"  - meaning they are produced after your order has been placed. 

    As this set includes a live plant, all orders received are collated throughout the week and prepared for shipping on Thursdays, by Royal Mail First Class. Therefore it may take a maximum of 7 days to ship your order.

    Please ensure the product is unboxed immediately so the plant is exposed to natural light as soon as possible, and then follow the included care instructions.