Winter Weddings...or Spring...or Summer...or Autumn?

Updated: Jan 4

Oh Happy December! It’s THAT time of the year again…

It’s busy, magical, exciting and tiring…but whatever your feelings about Christmas, a winter wedding can be something really special so if you love the season of crisp temperatures and cozy nights then planning winter nuptials is definitely worth considering.

In fact, there is something very special and unique about each and every season of the year so as we are now at the end of the year I thought it would be a good time to look back over this year and pull together some of my absolute fave seasonal weddings to give you all a little inspiration ready for 2022.

Which will you pick?


I didn’t opt for a Winter wedding personally but I’ve been to a good few and quite honestly, if you are willing to take the risk on the weather they can make for the most seriously magical of wedding days. Everyone is in the festive spirit, feeling merry and sociable (and a wedding around Christmas is often also easier to plan on a *cheaper* week day as lots of people have time off work anyway).

But make sure you avoid the clichés – plan a more unique wedding by taking inspiration from opulent, off-beat tones and textures rather than those that scream ‘Christmas’.

This couple did just that. The moody ivory, black and burgundy palette was really brought together through the use of texture – macramé, lace, velvet, leafy foliage, leather…it feels rich and indulgent but still fun and edgy. And you’ve got to love a bride in a hat, right?


When I think of spring, it’s all about fresh greenery, pastel colours and delicate details. A good spring wedding, just like the season itself, brings a sense of lightness and fun that can feel so refreshing after the dark opulence of winter.

And don’t you just think this wedding sums it up perfectly? Antz and Catriona chose the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow to provide a lush green backdrop to their day, complimented by faded pastel blooms and accessories. Despite the rain, it embodied the feeling and energy of spring.