Good question, right? I guess really the answer depends on your perspective. But if you ask me, the greatest weddings are the personal ones. The ones that are heartfelt, that have the personalities of the couple woven through every detail. Isn't that what it's all about? Celebrating the people that are getting married? 

If you think that too, then you're in the right place. 

Whilst I love to make things for people's weddings, the thing I am most passionate about is helping you create your own dream day. 

In short, I love a DIY wedding. Even better, a DIY boho wedding!

So if you're looking forward to getting stuck into the planning, making, creating, building and organising that goes into a truly heartfelt, personal, DIY wedding, then let me help you. 

Here I'll be sharing my best industry-insider tips, tricks and advice for planning the perfect DIY boho wedding, as well as creative inspiration and projects for your big day.

And the best part? Not only will these ideas be fun, creative and beautiful - they are also the most eco-conscious options I can think of for your big day. We all know that events and celebrations will have an impact, so let's try together to minimise yours! 


The macrame boho trend is BIG right now - embrace it by creating your own macrame chandelier display for your ceremony or style up your reception.

Modern Bohemian Wedding Decor Macrame Backdrop

With dessert tables rising in popularity versus a standalone cake, this opens up all kinds of opportunities for display. Forget a table in the corner with a few plates - instead consider creating a visual delight, showcasing your sweets in a variety of eye-catching, on-trend ways that suit your wedding style.

Modern Boho Chandelier large 3_edited.jpg

Want to DIY your own boho macrame chandeliers to create an awesome decor display for your wedding? Follow this tutorial to make a super simple, yet luxe-looking chandelier.

The EAST FOUR blog is packed full of advice, inspiration, projects and ideas for creating the most amazing modern wedding day. From boho wedding decor, to tips on handling unwanted opinions, it's all there waiting for you.

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