Welcome to EAST FOUR studio.

Born out of a love of creativity, EAST FOUR is a place to not only showcase and sell beautiful products, but also to help you get involved in the experience by encouraging you to create too!

A picture of the founder of the B studio

The story so far

I am, and always will be, a dabbler.

Since childhood, I've always been creative and experimented with a never-ending list of crafts, hobbies and projects. It was always the variety, really that kept me interested. So when I launched my business in 2019, after 15 years working in the wedding fashion industry, I knew that I wanted to develop in this same way - working on lots of things and bringing them together in one space.

So welcome to EAST FOUR - the space I've created to house my love of eco-friendly craft kits, bohemian home decor and print design. I produce beautiful things for you to buy and encourage you to create too through my range of eco-friendly craft kits,  along with tips and inspiration over on the EAST FOUR Journal.

Beverley x